Windows 10 S is 100% safe of malware and ransomware

As you may know, the WannaCry (WannaCrypt) was the largest cyberattack in history, but despite this, third party developers and big companies have worked together to stop it.

According to Microsoft’s results, the WannaCry virus did not infect Windows 10, due to the fact that automatically updates cannot be turned off, meaning that the system got patched in time.

But the Windows version that is 100% immune to malware, ransomware and viruses is Windows 10 S, the hardened Windows 10 variant that permits the users to install apps only from the Windows Store, nothing outside Microsoft’s ecosystem.

To quote Microsoft on this subject, “No known ransomware works against Windows 10 S”.

While this is a very good news for computers used in the business environment, it is a big disability to have a system one which you can install a limited number of applications.

Due to its lack of features and apps, Windows 10 S is targeted at users in full time education.

Me and my colleague Daniel have put together this article, called 4 things to do to keep your business safe from WannaCry-like internet infections, where we provide tested security advice and tips to protect your business and data against another ransomware attack similar to WannaCry or even worse.

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