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Top 125 funny wi-fi names

You’re feeling like you’re having a lack of inspiration after purchasing a new Wi-Fi router? Here’s a couple of funny Wi-Fi names you could use to call your Wi-Fi network. We’re going to split the names by categories in some cases, so… if you’re a music listener, here’s the first nominees:

  1. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  2. Wi believe I can Fi
  3. 99 problems but Wi-Fi ain’t One
  4. Call Me Maybe
  5. Don’tYouWishYourWiFiWasHotLikeMe
  6. Drop it like it’s HotSpot

Perhaps you’re a movies fan and we also have a couple of suggestions for you:

  1. Friendly Neighborhood SpiderLAN
  2. The Promise LAN
  3. Silence of the LANs
  4. Winternet is Coming
  5. LAN Solo
  6. Enter the Dragon’s Network
  7. Dark Knight
  8. DHARMA Initiative – Station 4
  9. The Net starring Sandra Bullock
  10. A LANnister Always Surfs The Net
  11. Hogwarts Great hall Wifi
  12. The LAN Before Time
  13. I’m Under Your Bed
  14. 6thSenseMobileWiFi
  15. I Pronounce You Man and Wi-Fi
  16. Skynet Global Defense Network
  17. The Net starring Sandra Bullock
  18. KungFuPanda
  19. Optimus Prime
  20. Umbrella Corporation
  21. The Next Door
  22. One Does Not Simply Log Into Mordor

Other wi-fi names suggestions:

  1. Abraham Linksys
  2. It Burns When IP
  3. FBI Surveillance Van #594
  4. I’m cheating on my WiFi
  5. Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!
  6. Mom, Click Here for Internet
  7. WI-FIght the inevitable?
  8. Get off My LAN!
  9. Click Here for Viruses
  10. Router? I hardly knew her!
  11. Wu-Tang LAN
  12. I Can Haz Wireless?
  13. Look Ma, No Wires!
  14. All Your Bandwidth Belong to Us
  15. Network Not Found
  16. Bill Clinternet
  17. The Wireless-G Spot
  18. Please Connect for Identity Theft
  19. Y No You Get WiFi?
  20. Keep it on the Download
  21. No Free Wifi for you
  22. Get your Own Wi-Fi
  23. Tell My Wi-fi Love Her
  24. My Own Damn Internet
  25. Virus Infected WiFi
  26. You Pay Now
  27. WillUmarryMe?
  28. Go Home Tourists
  29. Mum Use This One
  30. For Porn Use Only
  31. Bring Beer and Women to 40.2
  32. Your music is annoying
  33. NoFreeINternetHereKeepLooking
  34. You Lost Your Connection
  35. Once See Back
  36. My Neighbours Suck
  37. Please Come Back
  38. Not Your Wifi
  39. Only For Zombies
  40. Does God Know u steal the internet?
  41. Open Wi-Fi
  42. Party Saturday Night APT #666!!!
  43. Guys, please stop fighting for Wifi
  44. Guess My Wi-Fi Password
  45. OurInternetIsfasterThanYours
  46. Not Free So Use 3G or 4G connection
  47. You’re AllNoobs
  48. I Can Hear U Wacking Off to it
  49. InternetCost$
  50. Quit Using My Wi-Fi
  51. StayOFFmy router
  52. IveSeenYouNaked
  53. Network Not Found
  54. This is Not Free Either
  55. Super Thanks For Asking
  56. Searching…
  57. 404 Network Unavailable
  58. Yell “Penis” for password
  59. Click Here for Viruses
  60. Blue M&Ms
  61. Yummy
  62. FBI Surveillance Van #13
  63. Bad Error 313: Disconnect
  64. To use, bring booze
  65. Martin Router King
  66. I hate my neighbor
  67. iDroppin’
  68. The Dark Knet
  69. Free virus
  70. Hack me
  71. Network error
  72. Ye old Internet
  73. Please use me
  74. Log in here!
  75. Free CeX
  76. TheInternetIsAssur
  77. I can read your emails
  78. Talk Less, Work more
  79. Very slow internet
  80. Virus WiFi
  81. DontLookAtPorn
  82. Click this
  83. Last night I saw you naked
  84. Don’t Snoop
  85. No Wires, Still alive and working
  86. Come and clean up my house
  87. Free for 1 day
  88. C:Virus.exe
  89. Let them use it
  90. Use at your own risk
  91. Area 51
  92. GetYourOwnetBro
  93. Password is Password
  94. Top secret network
  95. Ha Ha next time lock your router
  96. (.)(.) Boobs
  97. Connect and Die

Of course when it comes to imagination, the options are limitless. Just use one of the names from our 125 top funny Wi-Fi names, or just use your own name. If by any chance you have other suggestions, don’t hesitate to write it down into a comment.