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Symantec blocks Windows 10 build 15055 Update – Here’s how to fix this

As you may know, Microsoft has released Windows 10 build 15055 lately, but it gets blocked by some antivirus software. For example, Symantec does not permit the download process to finish and the error does not provide too much information.

Microsoft has been working with Symantec to fix this and the latest virus definitions should have fixed it already. So, if you have security software from Norton, you need to keep it up to date in order to be able to use Windows Updates and to download the modifications brought by build 15055.

In order to get the build 15055, it is mandatory for the Symantec users to have the latest virus definitions before the download process starts. If the download fails, the users should update the antivirus, restart the computer and try again the Microsoft download.

This is Dona Sarkar’s (the head of the Windows Insider program) annoucement:

“If you have Symantec/Norton anti-virus software installed on your PC, you should no longer get an 0x80070228 error when attempting to download this build. Symantec released updated anti-virus definitions last week that fixes this issue. Please make sure your Symantec/Norton anti-virus software has the most up-to-date anti-virus definitions BEFORE taking trying to install today’s build,”

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