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Get Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Pro for free

With all that WannaCry ransomware issues, developers had to find a solution for Windows 10 operating systems regarding partitioning as an expert. That way we managed to find Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Pro with the help of SharewareOnSale.

The software now supports the Windows 10 operating system, and that’s not all. It works with operating systems from 2000, XP until Windows 10 on both 32 and 64 bits.

What features does Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Pro have

  • New! Full support for windows 10.
  • New! 1 second to extend NTFS partition for Windows Vista and later OSs.
  • New! Extend system partition without REBOOT for Windows Vista and later OSs.
  • New! Align partition for ceating: improve the speed of disk on reading and writing data, especially for SSD.
  • New! Upgraded to the famous Windows 8 / Office 2013 user interface.
  • New! Added portable edition for windows.
  • New! Added Core.api. Bugs fixed in previous version: including 0x00004642 error code; ERR_EXTEND_VOLUME, etc.
  • Convert MBR to GPT disk without any data losing.
  • Wipe free space / unallocated space.

As the latest partition magic pro alternative software, it provides powerful features that enable users to extend system partition, resize move partitions, create, format, delete partition, besides these, it also possesses the unique data protection technology and best data moving algorithm, which means it guarantee data safety and the fastest data partition moving speed.

Everybody wants to accomplish the related disk partition operations with zero-risk and wishes all these can be done in a fast speed; luckily, Macrorit Disk Partition Expert hereby is the right choice for small business.

Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Pro

By accepting this offer, you’ll end up saving $29.95 and the offer is available for 2 more days and a half. Just in case you miss the offer, the software can be purchased from the developers website.

Disclaimer for downloading Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Pro

You are allowed to use this product only within the laws of your country/region. Zeroviruses, SharewareOnSale and its staff are not responsible for any illegal activity. We did not develop this product; if you have an issue with this product, contact the developer. This product is offered “as is” without express or implied or any other type of warranty. The description of this product on this page is a marketing description, written by the developer with few more notes written by the ZeroViruses team. The quality and performance of this product is without guarantee. Download or use at your own risk. If you don’t feel comfortable with this product, then don’t download it.


Windows 10 S is 100% safe of malware and ransomware

As you may know, the WannaCry (WannaCrypt) was the largest cyberattack in history, but despite this, third party developers and big companies have worked together to stop it.

According to Microsoft’s results, the WannaCry virus did not infect Windows 10, due to the fact that automatically updates cannot be turned off, meaning that the system got patched in time.

But the Windows version that is 100% immune to malware, ransomware and viruses is Windows 10 S, the hardened Windows 10 variant that permits the users to install apps only from the Windows Store, nothing outside Microsoft’s ecosystem.

To quote Microsoft on this subject, “No known ransomware works against Windows 10 S”.

While this is a very good news for computers used in the business environment, it is a big disability to have a system one which you can install a limited number of applications.

Due to its lack of features and apps, Windows 10 S is targeted at users in full time education.

Me and my colleague Daniel have put together this article, called 4 things to do to keep your business safe from WannaCry-like internet infections, where we provide tested security advice and tips to protect your business and data against another ransomware attack similar to WannaCry or even worse.

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Malware Protection Engine vulnerability found and fixed

Two days ago a Malware Protection Engine vulnerability was published by Microsoft in the Security Advisory 4022344. In the meantime a urgent security patch was pushed out.

The Microsoft Malware Protection Engine is used by a lot of Microsofts products such as Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials on consumer PCs, and also products as Microsoft Endpoint Protection, Microsoft Forefront, Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection, or Windows Intune Endpoint Protection on the business side.

The attackers can execute remote code if a scan is processed by one of the products that uses the Malware Protection Engine, through a specific crafted file.

The vulnerability was found by Google Project Zero researchers: Tavis Ormandy and Natalie Silvanovich, that kept information hidden from the public and gave Microsoft 90 days in order to create a patch for the security patch. Tavis wrote on 6th of May on his Twitter page that this is the “worst Windows remote code exec in recent memory“.

In order to check if you’re affected or not by the vulnerability, please follow the exact steps as below:

  • Tap on the Windows key from your keyboard, type Windows Defender and hit Enter to load the application. (Windows 10 Creators Update will launch Windows Defender Security Center)
  • Click on the cogwheel icon in the lower left part of the interface and select the About link.
  • Check that the Engine Version is at the very least 1.1.13704.0

If the Engine Version is lower than 1.1.13704.0 then please update immediately the product affected by the vulnerability.

Malware Protection Engine

We’re glad that the Malware Protection Engine got a fix patch so quick. I’ve just updated early this morning, because as you can see, my Engine Version was below the recommended one.

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How to permanently uninstall OneDrive on Windows 10

So… You want to uninstall OneDrive because it is annoying as hell? As you may have noticed, when you open photos on your computer, the Set up OneDrive dialog will automatically open and that could be a little frustrating in time.

And if you do not need OneDrive at all, you should get rid of it for good. In this article we will show you how to completely and permanently uninstall OneDrive, so that it will not annoy you anymore.

This is an easy and straight forward guide, so it can be performed by people that lack IT skills.

How to permanently uninstall OneDrive on Windows 10

Let’s start. The first thing you have to do is open Settings. You can type settings in Cortana or use the key combination Windows + I.

uninstall OneDrive

Next, choose Apps and from the next menu, Apps & Features.

After that, type in onedrive, hit Enter and choose Microsoft OneDrive from the results.

Press uninstall, confirm it with “This app and its related info will be uninstalled” and choose Yes from the UAC window.

uninstall OneDrive

If you need to reinstall the application, you can either download it from the official website or from Windows Store.

Note: the same steps can be performed for uninstalling any unwanted software that came with your new Windows 10 computer or laptop.

That’s all. Enjoy!

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Game Mode on Windows 10 Creators Update – Everything you need to know about this feature

As you may know, Microsoft has worked a lot at Game Mode, a new gaming feature introduced in Windows 10 Creators Update. Its goal is to improve the number of FPS in games and to provide a smoother experience while playing.

When enabled, the Game Mode feature assigns more hardware resources to both the CPU and the video card, for the apps running on foreground. Some games are placed by default in the whitelist, but apps can also be added manually, to be Game Mode-enabled.

Microsoft estimates that the performance will be enhanced with 2 to 5% of its capabilities, meaning that the older computers could really benefit from this feature. Enable the feature, you have to go to Settings > Gaming > Game Mode.

Game Mode on Windows 10 Creators Update - Everything you need to know about this feature

Game Bar is yet another option that permits the users to take screenshots, start screen and audio recordings using key combinations, options which can be adjusted easily.

To tweak the settings from Game Bar, choose: Settings > Gaming > Game Bar.

Game Mode on Windows 10 Creators Update - Everything you need to know about this feature

Game Mode on Windows 10 Creators Update - Everything you need to know about this feature

Game Mode on Windows 10 Creators Update - Everything you need to know about this feature

The Game DVR function permits the users to adjust the video/audio recordings settings. To access it, go to Settings > Gaming > Game DVR.

Game Mode on Windows 10 Creators Update - Everything you need to know about this feature

Game Mode on Windows 10 Creators Update - Everything you need to know about this feature

Cum funcționează noile setări de gaming introduse în Windows 10 Creators Update

Broadcasting enables the users to change a bunch of extra settings, ideal for the creation of videos that you want to broadcast live. To access it, go to Settings > Gaming > Broadcasting.

Game Mode on Windows 10 Creators Update - Everything you need to know about this feature

To add a game in the whitelist, to make it run with enhanced CPU and GPU performance, you need to press Windows + G while the game is open and then choose the option “Use Game Mode for this game”.

Game Mode on Windows 10 Creators Update - Everything you need to know about this feature

Game Mode on Windows 10 Creators Update - Everything you need to know about this feature

Game Mode on Windows 10 Creators Update - Everything you need to know about this feature

While it is not much, this new feature should be useful on systems with lower specs.


The ATM vendors have started to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 10

While Windows XP has reached end of life, it still has about 8% market share, more than Vista and Windows 8 combined. Released in 2001, Windows XP has reached EOL in 2014, but the Embedded Service Pack 3 has lost the support on the 12th of January 2016.

Despite not receiving updates, millions of ATMs are still using the embedded version of Windows XP and this is a security issue. But recently, the ATMs have started upgrading to Windows 10, Diebold Nixdorf being the first company to do that.

The company has shipped ATMs with Windows 10-compatible processors, so the upgrade can be successfully done, without having to replace the hardware components.

The other ATM vendors did not announce when they will switch to Windows 10, but it’s expected this to happen, due to the fact that Microsoft is struggling to make all the users adopt their newest operating system.

If you ask me, it is a very big step forward to upgrade to Windows 10, because it brings a lot of security fixes and closes many exploits discovered in Windows XP. Some antivirus vendors, like Immunet or Avast! still provide support for older systems, but Windows 10 is built with security in mind.

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Windows 10 Creators Update now permits installing Windows vocal commands

As you may know, Microsoft has worked a lot lately at Windows 10 Creators Update, an update patch that will bring a bunch of interesting new features to Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Among others, the Redmond developers will introduce Cortana in the Windows installer, in order to permit the users to install the operating system by using vocal commands.

If you perform a fresh install of Windows 10 Creators Update, you will get the chance to configure a lot of systems settings with vocal commands. After the first system boot, Cortana will permit you to connect to Wi-Fi, login using a Microsoft account and will also permit the users to change the default security settings.

The introduction of Cortana to the Windows installer may help some users that are too lazy to use a mouse and a keyboard to configure the system, but will most likely annoy the power users that want to tweak the system with their own hands. For more information about this features, read this article from Windows Central.

Other worth mentioning features that will be included in Windows 10 Creators Update:

  • Gamer mode, for better gaming experience
  • Automatic cleanup of temporary files
  • Windows updates can be postponed
  • Automatic system lock when you are away from keyboard
  • Blue color reduction for a better computer experience at night
  • A more colored interface

I don’t use Cortana, with or without its Windows installer integration, but I will benefit from the Blue color reduction feature, the possibility to postpone updates and the automatic cleanup of temporary files.


According to Avast, Windows XP has more users than Windows Vista and 8 combined

Despite Microsoft’s aggressive marketing strategy created to persuade users to upgrade to Windows 10, Windows 7 is still leading the market. The folks from Avast have published some stats about the global Windows usage for the first quarter of 2017 and revealed some interesting facts.

56 million computers use Avast on Windows 7, this representing 48.35% of the market share. Windows 7 is followed by Windows 10, which is installed on 35 million devices running Avast software and Windows 8.1, which is installed on 12.7 million systems running Avast, representing about 10.96% of the market.

The big surprise is Windows XP, which has a market popularity bigger than Windows Vista and Windows 8 combined. According to the same numbers, Windows XP is still running on 6.5 million computers using Avast software (about 5.64%), while Windows 8 is running only on 2.51% of the computers having Avast installd, and Vista running on 2.08%. Speaking of Vista, it will reach end of life (EOL) next month, so if you still have it on your system it is advised either upgrade or switch to Linux.

Windows XP is still used due to the fact that it ideal for computers with old hardware and can run specific programs built on old technology that are not compatible with newer Windows systems.