Avast created 3 new ransomware decryption tools

As you may know, the number of ransomware infections has increased a lot in the last six months, despite the fact that antivirus companies fight it. Last year, more than 200 new ransomware malware were discovered.

For example, Avast has released 14 decryption tool so far, in order to help users to recover their infected data for free. The latest 3 decryption tools created by Avast can decrypt the files infected by Jigsaw, HiddenTear and Philadelphia/Stampado.

Due to the fact that the ransomware gets updated frequently, the security firms need to update their decrypting tools as well.

For example, HiddenTear’s source code is hosted on GitHub and can be used and modified by everyone. It encrypts files under the extensions: .34xxx, .locked, .BUGSECCCC,.bloccato, .lock, .saeid, .unlockit, .Hollycrypt,.monstro, .lok, .razy, .mecpt, .μ•”ν˜Έν™”λ¨, .flyper, .kratos, .8lock8, .fucked,.CAZZO, .krypted, .doomed et cetera.

The antivirus companies fight side by side against this kind of threats, due to the fact that there is no tool to offer 100% safety. So far, decryption keys from Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, Emsisoft, McAfee, Trendmicro.

For more information, see this blog post from the Avast website.

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