Meizu’s mCharge 4.0 might charge your phone’s battery to 100% in 45 minutes

As you may know, Meizu is one of the most popular Chinese phone vendors and has started sending invites to gather people at its Mobile World Congress (MWC) booth.

Why we don’t know for sure if Meizu will unveil a new phone at MWC, the folks from AndroidPure announced that Meizu will present a new fast charging technology. mCharge 4.0 should fully charge a phone’s battery in about 45 minutes, using a 9V/4A charger. This means that the phone will charge at lower voltage (9V instead of 12V, which is default) but at higher amperage.

The new technology will be embedded inside Meizu’s new smartphones and the new technology will compete with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4.0 technology, which promises to provide battery for 5 hours in a 5 minute charging time.

Meizu's mCharge 4.0 might charge your phone's battery to 100% in 45 minutes

As you may know, Mobile World Congress is an anual technology event which takes place in Barcelona, starting with the 28th of February. A lot of big players the technology markets unveil new projects and concepts, in order to tease the public into buying their products.