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SecureAPlus – Free 1 Year license

With all those cyber-attacks that Razvan wrote about (here and here), the WannaCry Ransomware and not only, we’ve searched for a prevention method for you, and we’ve found SecureAPlus.


SecureAPlus is the antivirus software that uses 12 Antiviruses at a time to automatically scan your computer for the best malware and virus protection. It has higher detection rates without slowing your computer down with regular online scans by using cloud antivirus engines to provide the most accurate diagnosis when a threat is detected.

This effectively gives you a second opinion using 12 different antivirus engines without the extra hassle on you and your PC. It’s about time security did all its heavy lifting in the cloud.

Absolute Defense with Intelligent Application Control & Whitelisting 

Get an additional layer of defense by using a block-first approach. This means getting the choice to run or block every time an untrusted application launches for the first time, effectively increasing protection even against zero-day threats.

A threat assessment is intuitively given by up to 12 of the best antivirus engines available to enable users to confidently exert total application control.

An Essential Companion to Your Favorite Anti Malware, Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, and More

SecureAPlus works and plays well with others by using cloud antivirus engines. Not only does this make it inherently fast even on older machines but also lets it work alongside other antimalware and antivirus software, or even other security apps like firewalls and sandboxing.

So if you already have a free malware removal or malware scanner, or maybe one of the top free antivirus installed on your PC, chances are that the cloud antivirus from SecureAPlus will work alongside it. It’s simply the best free antivirus upgrade!

Download it now with a 1 Year free license. Or for a better protection you might want to upgrade to Pro version for only $2 per month or $22,50 per year.


Because an antivirus solution is never enough, and another anti-malware option is always welcomed… better stay safe and protected.