Piracy and internet pirates

2003-2017: All the Oscar movies are available on pirate websites

As you may know, all the Oscar movies, except the latest Star Wars, are available on pirate sites and torrent trackers and can be easily downloaded by internet users.

According to this spreadsheet created by Andy Baio, all the movies that were nominated or won prices at Oscars can be downloaded illegal at good quality, except for Star Wars The Force Awakens. The spreadsheet is very well documented and provides detailed data, including release dates of most of the movies and the Oscar screener release.

Star Wars The Force Awakens is also available online, but its best version is a poor-quality cam. The big irony is that even the copies specially sent to the members of the film Academy that vote for the Oscars get usually leaked on the internet, meaning that there are other interests.

This year, only 14 movies have landed online, before the Oscar ceremony, while the first screeners hit BitTorrent in early January, unlike the previous years, when the movies were leaked in mid-December.