58% percent of US schools use Chromebook 2-in-1 devices

The tech giants fight against each others on different markets. The educational institutes such as schools and universities prefer to use Google and Microsoft products (computers and laptops).

Google has become the leading choise in the educational institutions from US, while Microsoft is close behind. Apple have turned from leaders to the last choices, due to lack of innovations and high product price.

Chromebooks are the number one choise in the US, with 58% share, while Microsoft gathers a 22% of the market, followed by Apple with 19% and Linux with 5%.

From 12.6 million devices sold to US schools in 2016, more than a half of them are Chromebooks.

Both Microsoft and Google offer a lot of 2-in-1 devices with detachable keyboards under 300$. Such devices are preferred in educational environments for their flexibility in usage.

Microsoft figured out that such devices will be sold like warm bread and created its own Surface lineup.

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