The number of Mac adware increased in 2016

Despite the fact that Mac computers are safer than Windows PCs because they use an Unix-based operating system, the number of attacks has increased a lot lately, hackers being more and more focused on Apple products.

According to this McAfee report, the number of macOS malware grew to 460.000, 744% more, compared to the year before.

Compared to the total number of malware (600 million instances) or with the mobile malware (which reached 15 million instances), 470 thousand is neglectable quantity.

Like on Windows and Android, the most popular mac malware is adware, which open different unwanted websites and that’s about it. They do not have the power to damage the system, they only annoy and distract the users.

In order to easily protect yourself against this kind of malware, you should use adblockers on your internet browsers, download software only from trusted sources and avoid opening unwanted mail attachments.

The more concerning part from the McAfee report is that there are the number of malware infections on Internet of Things devices is also growing, permitting the hackers to use those devices for various purposes.

It is a good thing that more and more devices are connected to the internet and communicate with each others, but this makes them more vulnerable as well.

For more information, see this article on 9to5mac.