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Tails 2.11 Amnesic Incognito Live System has been released

As you may know, Tails is a free, open-source Debian-based incognito Linux live system. Its popularity has increased since Edward Snowden used it to stay hidden online, after leaking the NSA private data.

The latest version available is Tails 2.11, which has been recently released bringing improvements and updated packages. It updates the I2P anonymizing network software to version 0.9.25, adds a notification that informs the users that the Tails 3.0 Live CD will not work on old computers with 32-bit (x86) processors and another one that warns the users that I2P will be removed, starting with Tails 2.12 because the Tails developers are all hands on deck and do not afford to work on integrating I2P into the distro.

Also, Tails 2.11 upgrades Tor Browser (anonymous web browser that uses the Tor network) to version 6.5.1, disables the dccp module in order to fix the local root privilege escalation issue and upgrades the Kernel to version 4.8.15 to fix a bunch of GNOME desktop bugs.

The distribution can be downloaded from here. For more information, read the official announcement here. This Linux live system is ideal for hackers and paranoid users that want to have control and anonymity over the internet.