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Star Wars fans Offers – May the 4th be with you

Some of you might know that on the first Thursday of May, each year it’s the World Password Day (more information could be found on the official website). So, you’re a Star Wars fans? This means that you know that the World Password Day event was in the same day with the Star Wars holiday this year.

In order to celebrate the Star Wars holiday, both Gog and Steam websites have put many classic Star Wars games on sale. By clicking on the links, you can find numerous games available, like the original Knights of the Old Republic, Republic Commando, X-Wing Alliance, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter or Battlefront II. The best deal of them all is by far the Steam’s Star Wars Classic Collection Bundle for only $18, and it includes 8Star Wars games. If you choose the Star Wars Complete Collection Bundle, you’ll get 24 Star Wars games for around $55.

GOG website has almost similar low prices, but if you were to buy all of the 19 games from the sale, you’d pay easily around $57 give or take. The appeal of a collection like this is that you can pick and choose old favorites or simply pick up that game you’ve always wanted to try. On the other side, Steam offers a few games that GOG doesn’t as part of its Star Wars Sale, including the Lego series and The Force Unleashed.

Grab the offers while they’re still hot, because the GOGs offer for Star Wars fans will expire in 5+ days by the time this article was written, while the Steams offer will expire on the 8th of May.

Star Wars Fans - May the 4th be with you