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Android overtakes Windows becoming the most popular operating system worldwide

According to the Global Stats for the OS Market Share Worldwide on StatCounter, Android overtakes Windows and becomes for the first time the most popular operating system worldwide in terms of internet usage.

Android software has taken the lead of the operating system market due to the the large mobile software that is used into browsing the internet, with a 37.93% in March. This means that there is only a small 0.02% gap between Android and Windows.

Aodhan Cullen, CEO at StartCounter commented that: “This is a milestone in technology history and the end of an era“. He also said that the main drivers of the breakthrough were the growth of smartphones to access the internet, a decline in the sales of traditional PCs and also the impact that Asia had on the global market.

Windows won the desktop war but the battlefield moved on,” said Cullen. “It will be difficult for Microsoft to make inroads in mobile but the next paradigm shift might give it the opportunity to regain dominance. That could be in Augmented Reality, AI, Voice or Continuum (a product that aims to replace  a desktop and smartphone with a single Microsoft powered phone).

Android market might continue to rise in the next few months and we can’t wait to see the new statistics for the next trimester to see if Windows will continue the dominance of internet usage or it will fall again in statistics. For now Android topped Windows for the first time in the last past 5 years, so the battle is tight.

android overtakes windows - stat counter - global stats - march 2017