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One million Google and Yahoo accounts for sale on the dark web

yahoo and google accounts sell on dark web

 A person that has the SunTzu583 username has listed a series of e-mail packages on more than just one dark web websites. The prices are different, because many Yahoo details are already available, but some Gmail accounts may worth few Bitcoins.

The accounts come from the HackRead website. One of the offers, for more than 450K Gmail accounts also come with few email and password samples. has carried out few checks of the accounts, also in the online database of HaveIbeenPwned, and those samples appear there too … some more than just once.

The profile of the seller, the person that sells over 1 million e-mail accounts is very brief. It appears on his or hers profile “Hello, I’m here to sell digital goods like accounts or data bases“.

You can check on if your e-mail account or accounts have been hacked or if they appear into a public spam list etc. We do recommend that you check that, especially because I’ve been notified by Yahoo that I need to change the password – again – due to another security breach… meaning that Yahoo got hacked again recently. And believe me, it was a Yahoo genuine e-mail.

Lucky me, the few e-mail accounts I have are marked as secured – for now. Are your e-mail addresses save? It’s never to late to check and secure them, so our advice will be to do that. This is one way that could help avoiding to get your e-mail addresses been sold out on the dark web.