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Firefox Focus Browser For Mobile Devices – Mini Review

As you may know, Firefox Focus is an open-source Firefox-based internet browser specially created for mobile phones, providing both security and enhanced user privacy.

Firefox Focus can be downloaded for free from either Google Play Store (Android) and AppStore (iOS). By default, the browser deletes the browsing history, passwords, bookmarks and cookies and forbids the ads to follow you on the internet. This way, you don’t need to go into private browsing when accessing porn or sensitive content.

When you access a site, it gets erased by default when you close the browser. If you want to keep it in the history, you have the option to open the website with another browser.

Firefox Focus allows the users to customize the security level.

Unfortunately, the browser lacks some features that are present in all the modern browsers. When pressing on the rubbish bin icon, all the history is deleted. You can refresh and go forward, but there is no multi-tab functionality.

Please test it and let us know if it is suitable for your needs.