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The Ultimate Guide For Protecting Yourself From Malicious CPU Minigolf Websites

Lately, the crypto currency mining has risen a lot. Many malicious sites have started using the CPU to mine for Monero bitcoin, similar to what PirateBay did until they were caught. Also, the Trend Micro team has discovered Digmine, a crypto malware that spreads through Facebook Messenger and infects the systems with Monero miners.

The virus spreads via Facebook Messenger, when the malicious videos are opened in the Chrome browser, allowing the hackers to access the infected account and spread the malware to other friends from the list.

The Opera developers have already added a NoCoin feature starting with Opera 50, which blocks all the malicious CPU miners.

Instructions for protecting yourself against CPU minors:

Add an anti-mining extension:

To protect your computer against this type of threats, you should use one of the anti-mining extensions available for either Chrome or Firefox. The software works like an adblocker software, but prevents only the malicious sites from mining.

Anti-mining extensions for Firefox: MiningBlocking, NoCoin, AntiMiner, CoinBlock and others.

Anti-mining extensions for Chrome: NoCoin, MinorBlock, AntiMiner and others.

Add the NoCoin list to your current adblocking software:

You can add the NoCoin list to AdBlocker Plus, AdGuard, uBlock and other adblocking services. The easiest way to do that is to access FilterLists, scroll till you find NoCoin and press the Add button to implement the list.

To manually add the NoCoin list in uBlock, you need to access the Dashboard from the addon menu, go to the 3rd-party filters and add the below link:

To add the NoCoin list in Adblock Plus, you need to access Options, go to Add your own list and add the below link:

To add the NoCoin list in AdGuard, you need to access Options, go to User Filter and add the content of the file in the field (the content of the file, not the link):

Restrict the access from the hosts file:

You need to add in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file the below line:

Power users can create¬† custon DNS or adblocker by using a Linux system (or a Raspberry Pi), to add in a list all the sites you don’t want to get resolved and set the device as DNS server.

It is enough to use only one of the methods above to protect yourself from malicious mining.