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Chrome helps macOS users protect their computers against malware

As you may know, Chrome is the most popular internet browser on the internet, but a lot of macOS users prefer to use Safari on their computers, because it comes pre-installed on the system.

Those who use Chrome will benefit from an extra security layer, since Google has decided to expand its Safe Browsing protections to Apple devices. Google has been restricting applications to edit the Chrome Settings on Windows, and now is planning to introduce the same feature on macOS, in order to keep the users free ok malware and ad-infectors.

Google’s announcement:

“From here on, the Settings Overrides API will be the only approved path for making changes to Chrome settings on Mac OSX, like it currently is on Windows. Also, developers should know that only extensions hosted in the Chrome Web Store are allowed to make changes to Chrome settings,”

Starting with the end of this month, Chrome and Safe Browsing will warn users about software that tries to modify Chrome settings without using the Settings Overrides API. So, from now on, Safe Browsing will stop the injection of ads into webpages and will not permit malicious files to change the homepage or default search engine.

Mac users, get ready to see this message more often!

Chrome helps macOS users protect their computer against malware

While macOS is not among the operating systems targeted by hackers, more and more mac malware (like OSX Filecoder.E) gets written every day.

As a reminder, Google removed the possibility to install extensions outside of the Google Chrome Store about two years ago.