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Free (for personal use) antivirus software for the good old Windows XP – 2017 edition

Despite the fact that Windows 7 and Windows 10 are the most popular operating systems on the market, Windows XP is still installed on some computers, for a various number of reasons. A statistics about the Windows XP usage can be found in this article.

Today I’m going to list a few free (at least free for personal use) and lightweight antivirus software than can still run on Windows XP, without making it.


From my experience, the best antivirus for Windows XP is Avast, having a lot of features, including:

  • On access protection against viruses and malware
  • Heuristics engine to detect previously unknown threats
  • Silent mode which hides alerts during full-screen user activities
  • Easy installation wizard.


  • It requires yearly registration.
  • It suggests installing additional software

Download Avast! Free from here


Comodo Antivirus Free provides virus protection and on-access file protection, includes a Game Mode that does not display any notifications, updates virus definitions in the background and has both 32 bit and 64 bit installers.


  • Performs some system modifications that you might want to disable
  • Initial updates take a while to complete
  • The installer kit is very large
  • In creates a sandboxed environment for untrusted apps, not permitting them to infect the system

Download Comodo Antivirus Free from here

AVG Free:

AVG free is yet another antivirus system that can run on older computers that use Windows XP. It provides file anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-rootkit protection, web protection, email client protection, can be used in silent mode, can be controlled via a web portal and does not ask for registration before usage.


  • It slows down the computer
  • It installs third-party software by default
  • It recommends the acquisition of paid features
  • The Zen interface may be annoying

Download AVG Free from here

Immunet Free:

Last but not least on this list is Immunet, yet another free antivirus still compatible with Windows XP running on older computers.

Main features:

  • It is very light
  • Provides cloud-based anti-virus, anti-malware and anti keylogger protection
  • Can run along other antivirus system


  • Does not provide a very good protection

Download Immunet free from here


According to WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 article, CIA had a hard time bypassing the Bitdefender and AVG protection

As you may know, WikiLeaks has published the article recently, revealing a lot of information about how CIA spies the users and their hacking capabilities. The article is called Vault 7 and provides a lot of interesting information.

The CIA uses 0-day exploits and spreads malware in order to perform mass espionage. Some ideas, from the WikiLeaks article:

  • CIA is capable of hacking into all the Android and iOS phones that have (or had) the Twitter app installed.
  • CIA can spy the users by using the Android and iOS phones, the internet of things devices and the smart TVs as microphones.
  • CIA can decrypt all the encrypted messages from WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram.
  • CIA can hack almost every system that’s available online, because it has both hardware resources and smart people that can do that.

The article does not contain anything about Windows Phones, this meaning that either it does not represent any interest or the government has some kind of deal with Microsoft.

In order to hack into different computers, the CIA hackers had to make their hacking tools bypass the security offered by antivirus software. This article from tells us how much the CIA struggled to trick a bunch of antivirus solutions:


A CIA hacker said about Comodo that it is “a colossal pain in the posterior. It literally catches everything until you tell it not to.”. Același hacker a anunțat că ultimele versiuni Comodo sunt mai ușor de ocolit decât cele mai vechi, dar unul dintre angajații Comodo a anunțat că exploit-ul folosit de CIA nu mai este de actualitate de multă vreme.


Due to the fact that the antivirus has a flaw in its source code, CIA has managed to easily bypass Kaspersky’s protection. Eugene Kaspersky a anunțat că cele două vulnerabilitați folosite de către CIA au fost deja descoperite și eliminate.


The CIA hacker has announced that he has bypassed Avira protected systems easily. The firm announced that they have patched the flaw a few hours after the vulnerability has been leaked and that there isn’t any proof that the users were affected by the bug.


CIA had a trick to theoretically bypass AVG, but one of the technology officers at AVG announced that the flaw CIA would be using is obsolete today.


The same as Avira, the CIA hackers did not have to work hard in order to bypass this AV’s security.


It looks like CIA had a hard time trying to crack Bitdefender’s security and it’s not certain if the agency managed to bypass it or not.


Avast created 3 new ransomware decryption tools

As you may know, the number of ransomware infections has increased a lot in the last six months, despite the fact that antivirus companies fight it. Last year, more than 200 new ransomware malware were discovered.

For example, Avast has released 14 decryption tool so far, in order to help users to recover their infected data for free. The latest 3 decryption tools created by Avast can decrypt the files infected by Jigsaw, HiddenTear and Philadelphia/Stampado.

Due to the fact that the ransomware gets updated frequently, the security firms need to update their decrypting tools as well.

For example, HiddenTear’s source code is hosted on GitHub and can be used and modified by everyone. It encrypts files under the extensions: .34xxx, .locked, .BUGSECCCC,.bloccato, .lock, .saeid, .unlockit, .Hollycrypt,.monstro, .lok, .razy, .mecpt, .암호화됨, .flyper, .kratos, .8lock8, .fucked,.CAZZO, .krypted, .doomed et cetera.

The antivirus companies fight side by side against this kind of threats, due to the fact that there is no tool to offer 100% safety. So far, decryption keys from Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, Emsisoft, McAfee, Trendmicro.

For more information, see this blog post from the Avast website.

We will keep you posted. Stay tuned.


AVG Internet Security 2016 – 6 months free trial is a platform that provides free proprietary software with extended trial licenses or at reduces price. Those who need a free antivirus for both home usage or office protection, can now get AVG Internet Security 2016 for 6 months, absolutely free.

AVG Internet Security 2016 protects the computer agains viruses, worms and other threats, finds the malicious links, prevents users from clicking infected email attachments, encrypts passwords so that they cannot be discovered if someone listens at the traffic over the network and it can integrate into Outlook to move infected mails to a dedicated folder.

To download it, you have to go to this link and press the orange DOWNLOAD button. A new page will be opened, where you have to fill in the required fields and then to press the GIVE IT TO ME NOW button.

The installation process is very straight-forward. The SharewareOnSale install kit will also download the AVG installer. Next, you have the option to keep the AVG kit in the download folder for later usage. Due to the fact that the software is trial, it comes with “its license” already actived, for 180 days.

Below are a few screenshots with step by step instructions.

AVG Internet Security 2016 - 6 months free trial

AVG Internet Security 2016 - 6 months free trial

AVG Internet Security 2016 - 6 months free trial

AVG Internet Security 2016 - 6 months free trial

AVG Internet Security 2016 - 6 months free trial

AVG Internet Security 2016 - 6 months free trial

AVG Internet Security 2016 - 6 months free trial

AVG Internet Security 2016 - 6 months free trial

AVG Internet Security 2016 - 6 months free trial

AVG Internet Security 2016 - 6 months free trial

AVG Internet Security 2016 - 6 months free trial

While AVG is not as popular as Kaspersky or ESET, it really does a great job for basic protection. And its free to use for 6 months.