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Mozilla adds Pocket in its pockets

As you may know, Mozilla and Pocket have formed a couple for at least two years. The browser company has finally decided to acquire the service that permits the users to save web content for later reading.

In early 2015, Firefox has integrated Pocket in all the Firefox browsers for desktop, unlocking the Pocket functionality without requiring the users to install any extra extension.

After the acquisition, Pocket will continue to operate as a standalone organization and will continue to offer products for non-Mozilla platforms and browsers, as a subsidiary of Mozilla.

Both Mozilla and Pocket have announced the acquisition simultaneously, on each of the company’s websites (Mozilla, Pocket) but the financial details are still kept in the dark.

For those new to this app, Pocket was first called Read it Later and permitted users to save articles for later reading, offering an experience without ads or different text formatting, having similar functions like Evernote, Instapaper, Readability or Reading List created by Apple. After it got mature enough, it has been promoted from browser plugin to browser builtin functionality.

The Mozilla team will inspect the code and try to open-source pocket.

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