KasperskyOS has been officially released

A while ago, Eugene Kaspersky has announced that they have created its own operating system designed for embedded devices and used it on Kraftway Layer 3 switch.

Well, KasperskyOS has been officially released, specially created to secure embedded devices. It is designed with security in mind and prevents the execution of malicious code by its design.

The guys from Kaspersky have worked 15 years for KasperskyOS and now it has been released for software developers and IT equipment manufacturers from the entire world. It is ideal for the telecom and transport industries.

KasperskyOS was designed to secure the IoT devices and uses a kernel built in-house. A few top class security engineers have gathered and discussed about security and came to the conclusion that regular operating systems cannot be too secured because the way they are designed. So, the engineers have started to create their security-focuses operating system, running their own kernel.

KasperskyOS permits the software to make only predefined operations, so the software developers have to respect a strict security policy. While the Kaspersky engineers have struggled a lot to implement this concept, it is really useful to the developers. If a software has a bug, the operating system stops it from doing other things that it is not designed to do, due to its security policy. The security policy can be customized by the company’s needs and not the other way around.

While there is no 100% security, KasperskyOS guarantees 99%. Technically speaking, injecting malicious code in such a complex medium would not succeed. Due to the fact that the malware activities are not included to the security policy, malware applications or software that contain malware are harmless. So, KasperskyOS is immune to cyber threats by the way it has been designed.

KasperskyOS is a universal operating system, created for businesses in telecom, logistics and industry, but the Russian company is also working at special packages for the financial businesses, in order to security the POS terminals and to consolidate the security operations of Linux systems.

KasperskyOS can be used as an IoT operating system running on networking equipment, including routers, switches and IP cameras. The applications are launched inside Kaspersky Secure Hypervisor, which is an isolated and secured medium. The operating system is available for network equipment vendors and other producers and is not free. The price depends on the client’s needs.

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