Anbox permits the users to run Android apps on Linux systems

Marius GripsgÄrd has released Anbox, a project that permits the users to install and use Android applications on Linux systems.

Due to the fact that the Anbox packages are available as snaps, the universal package format created by Canonical, the application can be installed on a lot of GNU/Linux operating systems. The application uses the LXC containers to permit the installation of Android apps, isolating the mobile software by using Linux namespaces. Inside the containers, all the needed Android relevant parts are installed, but they cannot access the hardware or the user data. For the applications that need OpenGL, the project borrows some parts of the official Android emulator implementation.

Also, Anbox includes integration of all Android apps in the installed desktop environments, making them behave like regular system apps. The developer will implement Anbox on the Ubuntu Phones, to permit the installation of Android apps. The first Ubuntu phone to receive Anbox support will be the OnePlus One.

Unfortunately, Anbox is still in its early development stages so the apps may suddenly crash or become unresponsive.

As a reminder, Canonical has decided to drop the Ubuntu Touch and Unity support and to switch over to the GNOME desktop environment starting with Ubuntu 18.04. After that, the guys from UBports have adopted the development of Ubuntu Touch, in order to provide support for the phones that come with Ubuntu pre-installed.

For more information, see this article from Also, watch the below video to make a better opinion about it.

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