An Xagent malware for macOS steals browser passwords, takes screenshots and grabs iPhone backups

The guys from Bitdefender have recently discovered an Xagent malware for macOS users, capable of stealing passwords, taking screenshots and stealing iPhone backups from the Apple computers.

Most likely, the malware is developed by the APT28 cybercrime group, but Bitdefender can’t be sure. The Malware contains some modules that can scan the computer for hardware and software configurations, find all the running processes and run malicious files. Also, it steals the passwords saved in the browser and takes desktop screenshots.

APT28 is the group that hacked the computers from the U.S. Democratic National Committee last year during the presidential election. For now, we don’t know how the malware spreads, but the best way to avoid it is to download software only from the Mac App Store or trusted sources.

Despite the fact that macOS is Unix-based and so, the user permissions are more restrictive, compared to Windows, hackers managed to create viruses and malware for Apple’s platform as well.

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