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What you need to do if your email gets hacked

In this article I will provide you a small list of things you need to do if you email address gets hacked.

If you get notified your address has been used to send malicious mails or to spam social media pages, most probably your email account got hacked.
Also, use the online checker to see if your mail address has been part of any security breach and compromised this way.

Notify your contacts that your mail address has been compromised:

You need to alert your contacts that your email address has been compromised and that they should not click on malicious links.

Reset your password:

The first thing you need to do if your email has been hacked is to change your password. Either use a random generated password, or create a strong one by following this guide.

Enable 2-step verification:

If your email service has this feature, you should enable the 2-step verification and use your phone to receive the secret code.

Check your email settings:

Check your email settings and look up for suspicious forward rules and other dubious changes.

Scan your devices with a security software:

Scan your devices with an antimalware and antivirus software.

Reset your password again, after your clear your devices from malware:

If your systems are infected, reset the password again, after your have cleaned everything up.

Prevent this things for happening again:

Next, you need to prevent this kind of things from happening again by changing your online behavior. Do not click the links from phishing emails and try to expose yourself less on social networks.

Buy a good antivirus software:

Protect your devices with a paid, good antivirus software

Browsers and browser extensions

Firefox Focus Browser For Mobile Devices – Mini Review

As you may know, Firefox Focus is an open-source Firefox-based internet browser specially created for mobile phones, providing both security and enhanced user privacy.

Firefox Focus can be downloaded for free from either Google Play Store (Android) and AppStore (iOS). By default, the browser deletes the browsing history, passwords, bookmarks and cookies and forbids the ads to follow you on the internet. This way, you don’t need to go into private browsing when accessing porn or sensitive content.

When you access a site, it gets erased by default when you close the browser. If you want to keep it in the history, you have the option to open the website with another browser.

Firefox Focus allows the users to customize the security level.

Unfortunately, the browser lacks some features that are present in all the modern browsers. When pressing on the rubbish bin icon, all the history is deleted. You can refresh and go forward, but there is no multi-tab functionality.

Please test it and let us know if it is suitable for your needs.

Editorials and informational articles

How To Delete Your Internet Footprint Stored By Google

In this article I will provide you a guide that will help you delete the history of your Google activities. As you may know, the Google Account is logging every move you make on the internet.

Google records everything you searched on the internet, all the addresses you’ve ever typed in Chrome, the videos you’ve seen on YouTube, the news you’ve read through Google News or the destinations you’ve visited via Google Maps. This information is mostly collected and used to provide personalized ads and the content suggested in Google News, YouTube and other services.

Fortunately, due to the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation that has been already applied in Europe, Google offers you an efficient mechanism to remove much of the information that the US company has about you.

If you want to know how to delete your business history from Google, the first step is to access and sign in with your username and password. Click on the three upper dash letters and choose “Delete Activity By”.

Click Today and opt for Always. Click the Delete button and confirm the process by clicking Ok. You may need to press “Delete” once again.