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AppCheck Anti-Ransomware Is A Nice Security Software You Should Use At Home (Free) Or At The Office (Paid)

As you may know, the ransomware malware is that type of virus that encrypts all your data and asks for a ransom if you want everything back. It has grown a lot lately, becoming a big threat for both enterprise and home users.

In this article I will make a mini-presentation of AppCheck Anti-Ransomware, a complementary security solution that has been designed by Checkmal to run alongside your antivirus software on Windows.

AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is created by a Korean developer and can run on both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows systems, being available as a free and a paid software. The free version provides basic anti ransomware protection, while the pro version provides some functions that may become useful in a corporate environment.

The installation of the app is very easy and straightforward and the app works by itself after installation, but you should configure it as you like if, from the interface, which is very intuitive.

The free version of the app provides real-time protection, exploit protection and MBR protection, but only the paid version provides protection for the network drives. The protection can be toggled on and off from the interface.

Main features:

  • Protection against 800+ ransomware types
  • Ransom Guard: keeps copies of important files, in order to prevent data loss
  • Cleans PUPs/PUAs and common malware
  • Auto Backup and server protection (paid version)
  • Active monitoring the system and providing proactive protection.
  • It is very lightweight and does not require high RAM memory


This app is really nice to have because it enhances the security of your system. If you don’t need the pro features, you should at least use the free version of it. For more information, see the developer’s website.

AppCheck Anti-Ransomware Is A Nice Security Software You Should Use At Home (Free) Or At The Office (Paid)