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Haven app can turn your old phone into a surveillance system

As you may know, Edward Snowden is the guy that has leaked in the press a bunch of NSA documents and created a caused a big scandal with this.

Recently, Edward has developed Haven, an open-source, free Android application that transforms your old mobile phones into surveillance systems. It uses the device’s camera, audio recording ability and the accelerometer to detect movement and notify the user.

Despite the strong encryption methods, every device is vulnerable to physical, in-person tampering which can be done by everyone with the required skill set. The software was created in collaboration with The Guardian Project and Freedom Of The Press and aims to prevent different burglaries.

If you setup a spare Android phone to track down the movement of the front door, the app will record any audio or movement, take a snap of who enters on the door and detect motion, alerting the user via either SMS, Signal (encrypted messaging service) or via a Tor-based website.

Haven can be downloaded for free via Google Play.

Quote from Freedom of the Press:

Imagine you are a journalist working in a hostile foreign country and you are worried about security services breaking into your hotel room and rifling through your belongings and computer while you are away. Haven detects changes in the environment using the sensors in a typical smartphone — the camera, microphone, gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light, USB power — to alert you if anyone enters your space or attempts to tamper with your devices while you aren’t there.

The Haven app can then send end-to-end encrypted alerts to your phone via Signal, and you can monitor activity remotely through a Tor Onion Service. Importantly, Haven does not rely on the cloud and does not transmit data that third parties can access unless you have SMS functionality turned on in situations where you don’t have data or wifi.

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