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1Password offers a 100.000$ bounty to the hackers that can crack their password vault

As you may know, a bug bounty program is a deal offered by websites to individuals who report bugs and discover exploits and vulnerabilities in their sites. If the hackers manage to penetrate the systems, they get rewarded. So far, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Reddit, Square and Microsoft have successfully implemented such programs.

AgileBits, the team behind 1Password has invited the hackers to hack their password security system, for a 100.000$ bounty. At first, the prize was 25.000$, but it has been raised four times since than.

In order to get the money, the hackers need to demonstrate they can crack the 1Password password vault. The company even offers details about the existent problems, so that the hackers have a starting point.

If you are interested in such programs and have the skills needed, you can search for ‘jobs’ on these two platforms:

We will keep you informed whether someone manages to get the big prize or not. For more information, see this article from BetaNews.

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