Game Mode on Windows 10 Creators Update – Everything you need to know about this feature

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As you may know, Microsoft has worked a lot at Game Mode, a new gaming feature introduced in Windows 10 Creators Update. Its goal is to improve the number of FPS in games and to provide a smoother experience while playing. When enabled, the Game Mode feature assigns more hardware resources to both the CPU and the video card, for the apps running on foreground. Some games are placed by default in the whitelist, but apps can also be added manually, to be Game Mode-enabled. Microsoft estimate...

Windows 10 Creators Update now permits installing Windows vocal commands

As you may know, Microsoft has worked a lot lately at Windows 10 Creators Update, an update patch that will bring a bunch of interesting new features to Microsoft's latest operating system. Among others, the Redmond developers will introduce Cortana in the Windows installer, in order to permit the users to install the operating system by using vocal commands. If you perform a fresh install of Windows 10 Creators Update, you will get the chance to configure a lot of systems settings with vo...