How To Remove The Troubleshooter Malware That Generates Fake BSODs And Asks Users To Buy A Non Existent Windows Defender AV

How To Remove The Troubleshooter Malware That Generate Fake BSODs And Asks Users To Buy A Non Existent Windows Defender AV
According to Myce, the security researchers from Malwarebytes have discovered a malware called Troubleshooter, which generates fake Blue Screen of Deaths (BSODs) and asks the user to buy Windows Defender Essentials (fake Windows Defender version) to clean the computer. The malware inserts a BSOD image and disables the key combinations that permit the user to close the windows (e.g. ALT+F4) and asks for 25$ on Paypal, for buying the fake version of Win Defender. A security resea...

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Malwarefox is advanced, yet simple-to-use anti-malware solution for Windows computers. It gets rid of adware, spyware, browser hijacker and other malware and keeps PC safe from Ransomware. It provide aggressive detection capabilities and effective malware removal tool to keep your systems safe and secure. Considering the advent newer form of cyber crimes, Anti-Malware software have become necessity these days. This is because traditional Antivirus programs are incapable of catching every thre...

Fruitfly malware went undetected for years

fruitfly malware
A new Mac malware has passed undetected for years allowing its operator to spy on its victims. The Fruitfly malware has been patched in January 2017, but Patrick Wardle, scientist researcher at security firm Synack has discovered another version of the malware out in the open. Patrick was formerly a NSA hacker. This new version could gain control of the victim's computer, take screenshots of their screen, take webcam photos and more. So far it has been known that Fruitfly has infected nearly ...

Erebus Malware – web Hosting Provider paid 1 million dollars to ransomware attacker

The South Korean web hosting provider Nayana agreed to pay the 1 million dollars ransomware in Bitcoin, after 153 Linux servers were infected with Erebus malware on the 10th of June. After the attack, over 3400 business websites the company hosted were encrypted. According to the initial Nayana's announcement, the attacker has requested 550 Bitcoins (1,62 million dollars). After the company negociated with the attacker, the ransomware demanded was 397.6 Bitcoins (around 1 million dollars). As ...

uTorrent malware ad is using a Flash exploit, be aware!

After installing the SecureAPlus anti-malware program, we've also found about an ad that's been running on uTorrent – the ad installs malware through a Flash exploit. We've found few discussions about the uTorrent malware ad on Reddit, and the confirmation actually came from Bleeping Computer. So, how do you know if you've been infected with the malware? If you have any antivirus solution, it might trigger at some point a detection located in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows...

WannaCry Ransomware spreading stopped – Thanks to Microsoft and MalwareTech security firm

WannaCry Ransomware ; AppCheck Anti-Ransomware Is A Nice Security Software You Should Use At Home (Free) Or At The Office (Paid)
As a reminder, WannaCry Ransomware is a ransomware malware created to use some exploits harvested from NSA hack. The infection spread in over 70 countries. Microsoft has patched this issue, so the users that run supported Windows versions, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, are safe if they have all the system updates installed and Windows Defender enables. But despite this, Microsoft has published an emergency update for all the Windows systems (except Vista), in order to block the Wa...

WannaCry Ransomware infection is the largest in history

WannaCry Ransomware ; AppCheck Anti-Ransomware Is A Nice Security Software You Should Use At Home (Free) Or At The Office (Paid)
Recently, the British National Health System (NHS) has become the victim of WannaCry ransomware (also known as WCry or WanaCryptor), a very lethal computer virus that encrypts all the data from the infected computers. While the first infected systems were in UK, the virus has spread in other countries as well. The attack took place on Friday (yesterday) and affected 74 countries (including UK, US, China, Russia, Spain, Italy and Taiwan), including 16 NHS trusts in UK, being the biggest in the...

Meet the rensenware ransomware – a ransomware that asks the users to play a game to unlock their data

Meet the rensenware ransomware - a ransomware malware that asks the users to play a game to unlock their data
The guys from the Malware Hunter Team have discovered the rensenware ransomware, a different type of malware, one that requires the victims to play a game and get a top score in order to get their files back. It encrypts the documents, music files, pictures and personal user files but it does not ask the users to pay a bitcoin ransomware. Instead, the virus forces them to play a difficult game. The users have to reach the 0.2 billion score in LUNATIC level of TH12 - Undefined Fantastic Object...

The number of Mac adware increased in 2016

Despite the fact that Mac computers are safer than Windows PCs because they use an Unix-based operating system, the number of attacks has increased a lot lately, hackers being more and more focused on Apple products. According to this McAfee report, the number of macOS malware grew to 460.000, 744% more, compared to the year before. Compared to the total number of malware (600 million instances) or with the mobile malware (which reached 15 million instances), 470 thousand is neglectable qu...

The launch of iOS 10.3 might have been hurried due to a fake ransomware

The new iOS update to version 10.3 that was launched on the 28th of March might have been hurried after some user have reported that their devices are blocked due to a ransomware. A virus that acted just like the FBI ransomware, to be more precise a pop-up that accused the owners of the devices that they have accessed illegal porn or pirated music, that seemed to be hard to remove or get rid off. In fact the ransomware was a fake one, and by clearing the browser cache memory the users could gai...