Free (for personal use) antivirus software for the good old Windows XP – 2017 edition

Despite the fact that Windows 7 and Windows 10 are the most popular operating systems on the market, Windows XP is still installed on some computers, for a various number of reasons. A statistics about the Windows XP usage can be found in this article. Today I'm going to list a few free (at least free for personal use) and lightweight antivirus software than can still run on Windows XP, without making it. Avast!: From my experience, the best antivirus for Windows XP is Avast, having a lot o...

Best free password managers in 2017

Password Managers
In this article I will make a top of the best free password managers in 2017, providing a short description for each worth mentioning service. If you don't know this yet, password managers centralize all your passwords into one single password and helps you remember your passwords, create new one or protect your passwords against strangers. You should also read this article, which helps you create strong passwords and how to remember them. So, here is the top. LastPass: LastPass is probably ...