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ZD Soft Screen Recorder
ZD Soft Screen Recorder captures screen/webcam/audio very fast and compresses them into HD videos on the fly, just like a camcorder inside your screen. Anything displays on screen can be captured, such as web pages, streaming videos and game screens. You can not only save screen capture to video files, but also live stream it to internet video websites such as Twitch/YouTube, or securely broadcast it to invited viewers within local area network. You can use ZD Soft Screen Recorder to create sof...

Game Mode on Windows 10 Creators Update – Everything you need to know about this feature

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As you may know, Microsoft has worked a lot at Game Mode, a new gaming feature introduced in Windows 10 Creators Update. Its goal is to improve the number of FPS in games and to provide a smoother experience while playing. When enabled, the Game Mode feature assigns more hardware resources to both the CPU and the video card, for the apps running on foreground. Some games are placed by default in the whitelist, but apps can also be added manually, to be Game Mode-enabled. Microsoft estimate...